Both our parents, Conrado and Ladislawa, led exemplary lives. They lived their lives in simplicity and hard work, and derived satisfaction in knowing that they have helped others.

In their lifetimes, they helped countless numbers of people through employment in the various businesses they established together in the span of 35 years. Employment enabled people to give their families better lives and better opportunities to educate their children well. They always counseled employees that a good education is the best gift they can give their children. 

The Conrado and Ladislawa Alcantara Foundation was established to honor the memory of our parents and the work they did together. 

– Rosvida Alcantara Dominguez, Trustee 

The Alcantara Foundation is supported by member companies of the Alcantara Group. The Foundation is an expression of the continued commitment of the Alcantara Group to Mindanao’s development.

AF has a particular focus in Sarangani province, one of the five poorest provinces in the Philippines. Sarangani is home to Southern Philippines Power Corporation, Alsons Aquaculture Corporation, FinFish Hatcheries, and Sarangani Agricultural Company, Inc. 

Alcantara Group member companies also implement their own community development programs in their respective areas of operation. 

AF is a member of the Association of Foundations  and is Vice Chair of SPECTRUM (Sarangani Province Empowerment and Community Transformation Forum), a nonprofit coalition in Sarangani.



Bridging communities towards better opportunities


Communities working together, enjoying a better quality of life



  • To provide strategic interventions in schools that will contribute to an increase in achievement rates of pupils and the overall improvement in the quality of basic public education
  • To build a strong local education community by involving all stakeholders (local government, parents, teachers, private sector, etc) in developing basic education development programs
  • To advocate for proactive participation of communities in support of basic education 


  • To promote responsible environmental management through advocacy and partnership
  • To enable communities to participate in environmental protection and management programs
  • To implement environmentally sound programs that provide livelihood opportunities

Enterprise development

  • To provide micro-entrepreneurs and communities with strong work ethics and values, management and technical skills that will allow their enterprises to flourish

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