Environment & Enterprise


In support of its goal to enable communities to participate in environmental protection and management,  the Alcantara Foundation and Alsons Agribusiness Unit (Alsons Aquaculture Corporation, Sarangani Agricultural Company, Inc, FinFish Hatcheries Inc) adopted a 1-hectare mangrove area in Sitio Joloanon, Sapu Cove, Barangay Sapu Masla, Malapatan. The Sapu Masla Fisherfolk Association (SAMAFIA), who own a nursery, maintain the adopted area on a day-to-day basis. SAMAFIA has also committed to replacing any mangrove seedling mortalities in the project area. 

The coalition has committed to plant 5,000 mangrove seedlings in the area from 2008-2012. The program has received the wholehearted support of the Municipal Government of Malapatan and Plant a Tree Movement. Plant a Tree movement has also committed to plant an additional 5,000 seedlings in the adopted area, bringing the total number mangrove seedlings committed to 10,000.

As an outreach activity, Alsons employees participate in mangrove planting.


Enterprise Development

1. From Bullets to Baskets

In partnership with Globe BridgeCom, AF assists the Sitio Ihan Livelihood Assocation (SILA), an organization of rebel returnees (former Communist guerillas) and their families. Globe provided training for basket weaving to 10 members of SILA. The program aims to assist the community by providing an additional source of livelihood besides agriculture. 

2. Enterprise for Peace and Development Communities 

In partnership with Habitat for Humanity and UNDP Act4Peace, AF has adopted 4 Peace and Development communities in Sarangani and will assist them in enterprise development.

3. Goat-swapping and stock upgrading

In partnership with SACI (Sarangani Agricultural Company, Inc), AF works with qualified Goat Raisers Associations across Sarangani to improve local breed stock by swapping native male goats with SACI’s Boer-Anglo hybrid bucks. SACI conducts seminars with the Associations to ensure proper livestock care and handling.

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