Posted by: alcantarafoundation | July 8, 2009

Crossing rivers to deliver workbooks in Alabel

From June 25-26, QUEST project staff and volunteers from the Provincial Government’s ICT office trekked and even crossed a river 23 times to deliver workbooks to Grade 1 pupils in elementary schools in Alabel. Parents from these schools also helped by lending horses to carry the books. Photos provided by QUEST, captions provided by the Sarangani Public Information Office. 

New Canaan Elementary SchoolPupils show their reading workbooks distributed by QUEST (Quality Education for Sarangani Today) staff and volunteers Thursday, June 25, who crossed a river 23 times and followed mountain trails for two days to reach the school. QUEST aims to provide 1:1 student-workbook ratio for Grade I and 22,663 grade workbooks for 217 primary schools in Sarangani. (Photo by Jomar Jalos)



QUEST program directorAnne Eday, QUEST program director, leads staff and volunteers in the distribution of reading workbooks donated by Southern Philippines Power Corporation, Alcantara Foundation, the Provincial Governor’s Office and the Children’s Hour at New Canaan Elementary School Thursday, June 25, after a four-hour walk and several river crossings. (Photo by Mark Cajutol)

Quest volunteersCrossing a river for 23 times and trekking mountain trails for two days, these QUEST volunteers and staff enjoy their time before reaching the town’s remotest schools for the distribution of QUEST’s reading workbooks. (Photo by Mark Cajutol)

QUEST workbooksPupils show their reading workbooks distributed by QUEST staff and volunteers Thursday June 25. (Mark Cajutol)

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